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This interactive learning tool is not only removing the barriers to learning, but also adapting to each individual's style of processing and learning. By providing this tool, with this first ever neurological language and font, we will fight illiteracy, and thus violence across the country.

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Great Numbers About Dyslexia

45 Million US Adults are dyslexic

45 Millions

American Adults Dyslexic

20% Scholl Aged Kids have dyslexia


School Aged Kids

50% Nasa Employees are dyslexic


NASA Employees

Einstein was dyslexic


Dyslexic with an IQ of 160!


Tim Burton

Famous supporter: TIM BURTON


(American film director, producer, artist, writer and animator)


You are the only one I agree to work with and share my name and reputation to serve the research that would have saved my life if I had met you earlier!