The Universal Notebook, also called U-BOOK is a new innovating laptop thought and developed by Najmtek.

It is the subtle marriage between traditionnal laptop, tablet (as iPad…), and netbook. It is also multi language, multi functions and multi accessories, environmentally, and fully customizable according to the wishes or the final user's needs. With U-Book, the possibilities are limitless, and its use is as simple as a breeze. 

Are you ready for the laptop of the future in the whole world? Are you ready for the GREEN LAPTOP?

Intuitive use
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The multitouch screen provides a display area of the same dimensions as a conventional keyboard, and also an intuitive use no known with physical keyboard.
You can use it easily with your fingers or with the stylus provided. You can type multilingual text directly by using the virtual keyboard. You can also work on your favorite software, everywhere in a easy manner.

The list of possibility is really endless, and its use is so intuitive that even children can use it! Everything can be done with U-BOOK!

U-Book is multilanguage
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U-BOOK is multilanguage. The multi touchscreen keyboard integrated in this new notebook is able to display an AZERTY, QWERTY, Latin, Cyrillic or all other Keyboards with special characters. It also includes short buttons to switch from one keyboard to one other instantly without shutting down the computer.

Thus it is very easy to work everywhere with multiple languages in a single document. And without any external keyboards !

U-Book is multifunction
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U-BOOK is multifunction. The multitouch screen keyboard integrated in this new concept of laptop is a high resolution multitouch-screen, slight, luminous and multi-colours. It is able to display the basic standard keyboard (or other keyboard depending on your choice) and also shortkeys for rapid access to functionalities that will then appear on this tactile screen through its respective interface.

Preferably the functionality can be a simple mouse, and / or a keypad, and / or a calculator, and / or an exotic function associated with special software (3D type, design, graphics ...). This list is, of course, not exhaustive and can be changed at any time depending on new technology and according to the user's needs.

All these functionalities may so be envisaged in a non-limiting manner.

U-Book is multi accessories
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U-BOOK is multi accessories. The multitouch screen integrated in the new concept is also able to display many useful and varied accessories, such a phone, a tablet, a numeric pad, a calculator, …. It can also display some particular accessories needed for special purposes like a piano, a mixing console, or any other accessory as varied as it may be.

This list of accessories is, of course, not exhaustive and may change, or be updated at any time according to technological advances and the user's needs. We can so imagine all others accessories, standard or special without limitation.

U-Book is fully customizable
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U-BOOK is fully customizable, according to your needs or wishes.

U-BOOK will include the NAJM SOFT, the software suite that will allow you to configure your keyboard completely intuitively:

* You can change color of keyboard, completely or only some keys.
* You can choose your shortkeys, for software, applications, functions, ...
* You can also change the order of buttons.
* You can display big buttons.


With NAJMSOFT, you can create your own keyboard, the one that fits exactly what you expected for a better use, faster, easier and more intuitiv of your laptop!

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